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Brain box


Peaceful Yoga

Time: 30 Minutes

Quick Yoga

Time: 17:08

Yoga for Home or Gym

Time: Around 30 Minutes

Crossover Yoga

Time: Around 35 Minutes

Happiness Practices

Click on the images to open up a Happiness Practice. You can print out a copy of the sheet or use any scrap paper from around the house.

Training Journal

Print off your very own Work. Play. Train. Training Journal to track all of your accomplishments and skills. Each day you can record which workout or yoga you did, Happiness Practice you got after, kindness you did for others, and so much more. Click on the Training Journal image and print off as many pages as you need!

Park Workouts

Head to the park on your own, with your friends, or with your family and get in an awesome park workout! You can click on the workouts below to save to a device or print off to bring with you.