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School Access: All Gym Teachers, Classroom Teachers, and Students

$200 Single Payment

Upon sign-up, we will send you an email within 48 hours with unique sign-up links for both your teachers and students under your school’s name. Simply forward the appropriate links to teachers and parents for everyone to gain healthy tools in the classroom and at home!

P.E. Teachers

  • 8 Gym Class Workouts

  • 5 Gym Class Yogas

  • 4 Warm-up Videos

  • 4 Cool Down Videos

  • Downloadable Training Journal Page

Classroom Teachers

  • 7 Movement Classroom Breaks

  • 7 Yoga Classroom Breaks

  • 7 Mindfulness Classroom Breaks

  • Classroom Happiness Practices


Students will be provided access to the full Backyard Athlete program free of charge! See details under Backyard Athlete.

Individual: Backyard Athlete

$20 Single Payment

Our Backyard Athlete program is perfect for kids of all athletic abilities and every workout can be adjusted to fit their needs and current skill level. Help build confidence, self-reflection, and emotional understanding with these awesome tools!

  • 4 At-Home Workouts

  • 4 At-Home Yoga Flows

  • Brain Box Videos

  • Home Happiness Practices

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