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Gym Classes

Everything from warm-ups & cool downs to full workout and yoga videos. With Work. Play. Train. Kids, you can pick and choose by the day what you need for class. Plus you can stream custom Spotify lists, download Happiness Practices and new student challenges to help your students recognize their own power, awesomeness, and achievements.


Classroom Breaks

Classroom breaks come in three different categories: Movement, Yoga, and Mindfulness. We know not every day is the same, so mix and match throughout your day to help students practice self-reflection, compassion, and empathy while encouraging positive thinking and communication skills.


Backyard Athlete

Stream or download full workouts, yoga, & mindfulness tools anytime and anywhere. Provide kids the opportunity to understand their own health and wellness while putting the power of choice into their hands. Upon sign-up, each pint-size athlete will have access to:

  • At-Home Workouts: Choose workouts ranging from 10 minutes to 45 minutes and cover a wide range of styles and set-ups.

  • Yoga: Same as our workouts, the yoga flows range in length so athletes always have time to squeeze something in.

  • Happiness Practices: Boost self-reflect, strengthen communication, and develop empathy with these easy, quick, and fun practices.

  • Brain Box: Chock-full of tools to help manage stress, stay focused, get creative, unwind for the night, and so much more.